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“Before quarksUp, the administrative management of my employees took me a lot of time, between their onboarding, interview campaigns and my training plan... nothing was digitized.”

Marie P.
HR Manager in a company of 150 employees.

“We started our collaboration on a recruitment management issue. The implementation was smooth and fast. Today we added the People and e-Learning modules.”

Frédéric W.
Recruitment Manager in a group of 840 employees.

“As an integrator, I needed a reliable and efficient tool to offer to my clients. By meeting the quarksUp teams and discovering the tool, I was immediately hooked. A great collaboration!”

Flavie D.
Partnership Manager at a Payroll and HR integrator.

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All you need to know about adopting HRIS software

HRIS (Human Resources Information System) software is a computer program that helps manage and centralize human resources data and processes. It facilitates the management of employees, vacations, payroll and other administrative aspects of personnel within an organization.

Using HRIS (Human Resources Information System) software has many advantages for any organization:

  • Efficient, centralized HR data management: avoiding paper files and multiple, dispersed systems. This ensures consistency and rapid access to crucial information on employees, salaries, vacations, training, etc.
  • Task automation: HRIS software automates payroll calculation, leave and absence management, for example, reducing the risk of human error and saving valuable HR team time.
  • Track employee performance: but also plan headcount and anticipate recruitment needs thanks to reliable, real-time data.
  • Improved internal circulation of information: since data is accessible, different departments within a company can exchange information more easily. HRIS software thus contributes to better collaboration and informed decision-making.

In short, HRIS is an essential tool for optimizing human resources management, increasing organizational efficiency and improving the employee experience.

There are several HRIS software solutions on the market. What will differentiate the offers is above all the modules proposed for each. At quarksUp, for example, we have several simple, easy-to-use modules to help you with your daily tasks: 

  • quarksUp Recruitment: to manage the recruitment cycle and attract the best talent.

  • quarksUp Boarding: to retain your employees from the moment they are recruited.

  • quarksUp People: to facilitate employee administrative management.

  • quarksUp Formation: centralize the distribution and management of your training courses.

  • quarksUp e-Learning: offering your employees a digital training experience.

  • quarksUp Campus: to efficiently manage your training campus.

  • quarksUp Absences: to digitize the process of requesting and validating leave.

  • quarksUp Careers: manage interviews and develop your employees’ skills.

  • quarksUp Compensation: to launch and manage your NAO increase campaigns.

  • Hello Paie: to digitize the collection of payroll data.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions via the demo request button.

The cost of an HRIS solution varies according to the size of the company and the functionalities required. For a small company, prices can start at around €2,000 per year. For medium-sized companies, this can range from €5,000 to €20,000 per year. Large companies can spend from €50,000 to several hundred thousand euros a year on high-end, customized solutions.

Any organization, whatever its size or sector of activity, can use HRIS software. This includes companies, public organizations, educational institutions and others. From HR managers to employees and departmental managers, all staff can benefit from using HRIS software for a variety of HR management tasks.

To recognize a good HRIS software :

  • Ease of use: intuitive interface for rapid adoption by all users (HR or employees).
  • Seamless integration: integrates seamlessly into existing systems.
  • Efficient automation: automated payroll, leave and performance management.
  • Scalability: ability to evolve with the company’s growth. This goes hand in hand with the following point:
  • Responsive customer service: fast, reliable assistance when you need it.
  • Positive feedback: good evaluations and feedback from existing users.
  • Regular updates: constant improvements and upgrades to keep up with market needs. And good communication of these updates

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