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Staff administrative management

Centralize and manage your employees' information in an organized and secure HR software.

Digitize the administrative management of your employees

personnel administration

Centralize all your personnel administrative management

Quickly access the dematerialized HR files of your employees (personal information, employment contracts, pay slips, etc.). Tracking employee files has never been easier with our HRIS software.

administrative management of HRIS personnel

Decentralization of administrative updates

Your employees declare to you online their requests for changes to their personal files (change of address, bank details, etc.). You control and validate in one click and you have your up-to-date HR files effortlessly.

no more low added value tasks

Your HR events are digitized

DPAE, medical visit, authorization and certification, compliance, etc. all your HR events are digitized for easy management and in real time.

Administrative personnel management: what is the point of digitizing it?

  • Save time: Tedious manual processes are replaced with automated tasks, reducing time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Increased accuracy: Digitization minimizes human error and ensures accurate and reliable data.
  • Improved accessibility: Staff information is available online, allowing easy and secure access from anywhere.
  • Reduced costs: Less paper, physical storage and resources dedicated to administrative management.
  • Efficient collaboration: Teams can collaborate in real time, share information and coordinate tasks more easily with digital tools.

In fact, digitizing HR administration optimizes processes, improves efficiency and facilitates collaboration, freeing up time and resources for higher value-added activities. In particular physical interviews, which are valuable in working relationships.

HR administration uses a variety of tools to facilitate daily tasks. Here are some examples of commonly used tools:

  • Human resources management software (HRM) or Human Resources Information System (HRIS): They allow you to manage employee data, leave, benefits, performance evaluations, etc.
  • Payroll software: They automate the calculation and distribution of wages, tax and social deductions, and generate payslips.
  • Scheduling tools: They facilitate the management of work schedules, the assignment of tasks and the monitoring of working hours.
  • Leave and absence management tools: They allow employees to request leaves, managers to approve them and monitor leave balances.
  • Document management systems: They facilitate the storage, research and sharing of documents related to human resources, such as contracts, administrative forms, etc.

These tools help automate and simplify HR administration processes, improving the efficiency and productivity of the HR team. And quarksUp does it all! Meet with one of our advisors to find out more.

Several HR processes can be digitized to improve efficiency and productivity:

  • Management of applications and recruitment
  • Employee training and development
  • Leave and absence management
  • Management of performance evaluations
  • Benefits and compensation management
  • Employee data management
  • Internal communication and collaboration between HR teams and employees

quarksUp can support you in these processes!

Personnel administration plays a central role in human resources management. She handles employee-related administrative tasks, such as payroll, leave, and records. Its efficiency guarantees a smooth working environment that complies with current regulations.

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