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quarksUp, 100% modular SaaS solution

Our 9 modules enable you to manage the entire life cycle of your employees.

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Our modules - Managing your employees

quarksUp Recruitment

Find out how recruitment software can simplify and optimize your recruitment process.

quarksUp Boarding

Prepare for the arrival of new employees, job changes and departures in just a few clicks with quarksUp Boarding.

quarksUp People

Find out how to optimize your personnel administration to help you save time in your day-to-day work and focus on priority tasks.

Our modules - Managing your business

quarksUp Training

Simplify the management of your internal training plans with our online tool. Centralize your teams' requests, and help them develop their skills.

quarksUp e-Learning

Digitalize your training with our HRIS: easily distribute your e-learning modules and track your employees' progress.

quarksUp Campus

Create your catalog, distribute it and manage your training offer with quarksUp Campus.

Our modules - Career development

quarksUp Absences

Centralize all absence requests, view schedules at a glance and inform payroll directly with our quarksUp HRIS.

quarksUp Careers

Manage your talent online to facilitate your HR interview or annual appraisal campaigns. Get your employees' careers off the ground.

Up Compensation

Meet your company's legal remuneration obligations simply and centrally.

For payroll experts

Hello Paie

Centralize all your employees' payroll variables, validate them and transmit them easily.

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