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Access consolidated reporting to monitor and adjust, individually or en masse.

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β€œBefore quarksUp, the administrative management of my employees took me a lot of time, between their onboarding, interview campaigns and my training plan... nothing was digitized.”

Marie P.
HR Manager in a company of 150 employees.

Your questions when choosing software for your compensation plan

Creating an effective compensation plan is essential to motivating and retaining your teams. To simplify this task, the use of dedicated software is invaluable. A good software package allows you to structure, monitor and adjust compensation in a transparent way.

Let’s take the example of a simple compensation plan: “Monthly performance bonus”. Employees receive a bonus based on targets achieved each month. The software automatically calculates individual performance, offering instant rewards. This automation prevents mistakes and encourages positive competitiveness within the team.

In short, adopting software to manage compensation plans simplifies management while improving fairness and motivation.

A variable compensation plan is a system in which part of the salary is linked to performance. This motivates employees to achieve goals and contribute to the company’s growth. To simplify the management of these plans, dedicated software is essential. For example, a sales-based commission plan can be managed seamlessly with software, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

Remuneration includes various essential elements, such as :

  • Base salary: fixed amount paid on a regular basis.
  • Bonuses: rewards linked to performance or achievements.
  • Employee benefits: benefits such as health insurance and retirement.
  • Benefits in kind: housing, company car.
  • Allowances: for travel or work in special conditions.
  • Shareholdings: company shares offered to employees.
  • Commissions: on sales.
  • Salary increases: based on seniority or results.

For optimum management, dedicated software can be invaluable for monitoring and adjusting these components.

Implementing a solid compensation policy is crucial for several reasons:

  • Motivation: Fair and competitive compensation encourages employee performance and loyalty.
  • Talent attraction: An attractive policy attracts the best candidates on the market.
  • Retention: Fair rewards boost loyalty and reduce turnover.
  • Alignment with goals: Incentives aligned with corporate goals stimulate commitment.

To simplify the management of this policy, specialized software is recommended. For example, software can help automate performance appraisals and pay adjustments, ensuring optimum fairness and efficiency.

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