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Digitalize your entire administrative process (offer distribution, supplier purchase order, trainee invitation and convocation, digital attendance sheet, hot and cold evaluations, etc.) as part of the construction of a training course.

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The training plan concerns all company employees, whatever their function or hierarchical level. It aims to develop the skills and knowledge of each individual, to encourage professional development and contribute to the collective success of the organization.

Legal training requirements vary from country to country, depending on the legislation in force. In France, for example, employers are required to draw up an annual training plan in consultation with employee representatives. This plan must be presented to the Social and Economic Committee (CSE). In addition, the employer must ensure that employees adapt to their workstations and maintain their ability to hold a job. It must also guarantee compliance with the individual right to training (DIF) and the personal training account (CPF).

The corporate personal development plan focuses on the individual growth of employees, aiming to improve their skills, well-being, and professional and personal fulfillment. It can include personal and professional goals, coaching sessions, and development activities.

The training plan focuses on developing specific skills linked to the job and the company’s needs. It is often drawn up in line with organizational strategy and operational objectives.

The law that makes the training plan compulsory in France is Article L6315-1 of the French Labor Code, which stipulates that the employer must ensure that employees adapt to their workstations and maintain their ability to hold a job.

If an employee refuses to follow the training plan, the employer must try to understand the reasons for the refusal. This may involve a dialogue to resolve any problems. However, persistent refusal may lead to disciplinary measures, but these must comply with the rules and legislation in force.

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