quarksUp Hello Paie

quarksUp Hello Paie

Hello Paie, your new HR software to automate all your payroll-related tasks

Automate payroll preparation by digitizing the collection of all preparation elements (variable payroll elements, advance payments, absences, etc.).

Offer for chartered accountants and payroll professionals

Compatible with the main payroll systems on the market: Silae, SAGE, CEGID, etc.

Hello Paie, make hiring easier

Make it easier to hire new staff

Save time by decentralizing the collection of pre-employment data directly from new arrivals. Check information (ID, bank details, proof of address, social security number, etc.) in just one click.

centralize information

Digitalize payroll preparation

Decentralize requests for advance payments, absences and changes to personal information (bank details, address, etc.) to your employees. Enable managers to report variable pay items (bonuses, overtime, etc.) to you at the click of a button.


Control and transmit payroll data in a single click

Gather all preparatory information from employees and managers in real time. Get a summary table (by employee, manager, department, etc.). Complete and modify if necessary, then send the data to payroll with a single click.

What you need to know before choosing your payroll portal

When it comes to choosing the right payroll software for your needs, here are a few key points to consider:

  • Functionalities: Identify the essential functionalities you need, such as payroll management, vacation management, tax returns, etc.
  • Legal compliance: Make sure the software complies with the laws and regulations of the country in which you operate, to avoid legal and tax problems.
  • Ease of use: Opt for software that’s user-friendly, intuitive and easy to learn, so that users can adopt it quickly and use it effectively.
  • Integrations : Check whether the software can be easily integrated with other systems or applications you already use, such as human resources management or accounting.
  • Customer support: Find out about the quality of the customer support offered by the software supplier, so that you can get help with any problems or questions you may have.

Keeping these points in mind will help you select the right payroll software for your specific needs, and facilitate efficient payroll management within your company.

Automating payroll tasks offers many advantages to human resources managers. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Process identification: Identify recurring payroll tasks that can be automated, such as wage calculation, payslip generation and tax declarations.
  • Eliminate errors: Automation reduces the risk of human error, ensuring accurate payroll calculations and avoiding compliance problems.
  • Time savings: By automating payroll tasks, HR managers can devote more time to higher value-added activities, such as talent management or employee development.
  • Improved efficiency: Automation enables payroll tasks to be processed more quickly, reducing processing times and improving overall process efficiency.

By automating payroll tasks, HR managers can simplify and optimize their work, bringing tangible benefits for both the company and employees.

Here are some key reasons why HR managers should choose payroll software:

  • Greater efficiency: Payroll software automates tedious administrative tasks, reducing the time and effort needed to manage payroll.
  • Accurate calculations: Payroll software performs precise calculations, reducing potential human error and guaranteeing accurate payments.
  • Legal compliance: Payroll software follows payroll regulations, minimizing the risk of non-compliance and financial penalties.
  • Transparent tracking: Payroll software provides detailed reports and dashboards, offering clear visibility on labor costs and trends.
  • Time savings: By automating payroll processes, HR managers can devote more time to strategic, value-added activities.

Changing payroll software may seem like a complex task, but by following a few key steps, it can be done quickly and efficiently:

  • Needs assessment: Identify your company’s specific functionalities and requirements to select new payroll software that will meet your needs.
  • Planning: Draw up a detailed plan including the stages of the transition process, the resources required and the deadlines to be met.
  • Data migration: Make sure you have an accurate data migration method to correctly transfer employee, payroll and historical payroll information to the new software.
  • Staff training: Organize training sessions to familiarize users with the new software’s functions and processes.
  • Testing and validation: Carry out thorough testing to ensure that the new software works properly and meets your expectations before rolling it out on a large scale.
  • Communication and support: Inform employees of the forthcoming change, provide them with ongoing assistance and answer their questions to ease the transition.

By following these steps, it is possible to change payroll software quickly, while minimizing disruption to the company and its employees.

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"Payroll preparation is time-consuming and requires good communication. With quarksUp, everyone is in charge, and the alerts help us to stop forgetting!"

Christine A.
Payroll manager for a company with 400 employees.

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