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quarksUp Boarding

Integrate your future employees and much more

Onboarding, Crossboarding, Offboarding, support your employees at every stage of their corporate life.

Optimize the arrival, mobility and departure of your employees

our onboarding software

Build loyalty among your future employees

Have you just validated an application? Offer an integration program to build loyalty right from the start:
βœ… Completing your employee file
πŸ“– e-Learning
πŸ‘‹ Presentation video
πŸ“ Document transmission

And much, much more.


Internal mobility? Don't worry

Your employees evolve throughout their careers, and the transition process needs to live up to their expectations. With quarksUp crossboarding, the actions to be carried out are clear and the job can be taken over quickly.


You deserve to keep your good image

Because an employee's exit shouldn't be neglected, offer them a positive exit experience.

What our customers say πŸ’‘

β€œWe started our collaboration on a recruitment management issue. The implementation was smooth and fast. Today we added the People and e-Learning modules.”

FrΓ©dΓ©ric W.
Recruitment Manager in a group of 840 employees.

How do you find onboarding software for your employees?

Onboarding is the effective integration of new employees. Plan a structured process: introduction to the company, tasks and expectations, training, mentoring. Offer clear resources, encourage interaction and evaluate regularly for a successful adaptation.

Digitizing onboarding is essential for modern integration. Start by creating or using an online platform such as quarksUp Boarding, where the new employee can access the necessary administrative documents and forms. You can integrate interactive training modules to introduce corporate culture, policies and procedures. Organize webinars or videoconferences for live presentations. Use tracking tools to assess progress and adaptation. Finally, solicit feedback from the new employee to continually improve the process.

Onboarding a new employee requires a structured approach. First, prepare for his arrival: computer, workspace. Next, provide an introduction to the company: culture, values, objectives. Provide clear training on responsibilities and tools. Provide a mentor to answer questions and facilitate social integration. Schedule regular check-ups to assess progress. Stay open to feedback to improve the onboarding process.

They trust us 🀝🏽

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