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Digitize your training and invest in the potential of your employees with our LMS platform.

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Support skills development with our e-learning platform. Your employees train with agility: the right training, at the right time... and in the right place!

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LMS simplifies training management. With numerous integrated reports, quarksUp lets you track the progress of your employees: results, time spent per module, analysis by service, department and much more.

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Build employee loyalty by developing their skills with digital learning. Develop your business agility by becoming a learning organization, while optimizing your budgets.

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β€œWe started our collaboration on a recruitment management issue. The implementation was smooth and fast. Today we added the People and e-Learning modules.”

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Recruitment Manager in a group of 840 employees.

LMS platform: everything you need to know

An LMS, or Learning Management System, is a digital space dedicated to the management and distribution of online training courses. It’s a centralized place where companies and educators can create, manage and track courses, learning modules and teaching resources. Learners can access it, track their progress and interact with the content. An LMS platform facilitates distance learning, continuing education and collaboration, offering flexibility and accessibility.

The best LMSs stand out for their user-friendliness, diversity of functions and adaptability to your needs. quarksUp e-Learning is a high-performance, user-friendly LMS for employees, managers and executives. In addition to the e-learning module, quarksUp offers a wide range of off-the-shelf and customized content. The choice depends on each organization’s specific e-learning needs, which is why it’s important to carefully evaluate functionalities and user feedback.

An LMS platform works by hosting and organizing online courses. Content creators upload modules, videos and resources. Learners access it, follow courses, submit assignments and interact via forums. The system records progress and performance for effective monitoring.

There are many advantages to using an LMS platform. Firstly, it offers learning flexibility, allowing learners to take courses at their own pace, wherever they are. It also centralizes educational content, making it easy to access and update. Interactive features such as quizzes and forums encourage learner engagement. Trainers can monitor progress and adapt courses accordingly. What’s more, using an LMS platform reduces the costs associated with traditional training, such as travel. Finally, it fosters continuous learning and professional development, essential in a constantly changing world. In short, an LMS platform offers an effective, modern solution for training and learning.

An LMS (Learning Management System) and an LCMS (Learning Content Management System) are both learning management tools, but with key differences. An LMS focuses on delivering, managing and tracking online courses for learners. In contrast, an LCMS focuses on the creation, management and reuse of learning content. While the LMS manages learner-content interactions, the LCMS focuses on the efficient creation of this content, enabling educators to develop reusable and adaptable learning modules.

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