GPEC: Definition and implementation tools

GPEC – Gestion Prévisionnelle des Emplois et des Compétences – is an approach to managing a company’s human resources. How can it be implemented effectively, and with what tools? In our article, you’ll find a definition of GPEC and how it applies to your company.

GPEC (Gestion Prévisionnelle des Emplois et des Compétences) definition

A GPEC approach is a method for monitoring the workforce and skills. It serves the company’s strategy. GPEC agreements can be set up at company, industry or regional level. The challenge: to respond to a changing environment and support change.

Is GPEC mandatory for all companies?

Under article L2242-20 of the French Labor Code, companies with more than 300 employees are required to negotiate on the management of jobs and career paths every 3 years.

Why implement a GPEC approach?

GPEC aims to adapt jobs and skills to the missions set by the company. It has a number of objectives, including tackling recruitment difficulties, reducing staff turnover and responding to the digitalization of the world of work.

How do you set up a GPEC?

Forward-looking management of jobs and skills requires a great deal of rigor. It can be supported by a number of effective HR tools.

1 – The stages of a GPEC action plan

The GPEC approach follows certain key stages:

  • Company audit;
  • Gap analysis between existing situation and objectives;
  • Action planning and implementation of HR tools: training plans, recruitment campaigns, VAE, skills mapping, job descriptions, etc.
  • An assessment of this approach.

2 – Tools and software to facilitate GPEC implementation

There are many GPEC tools. quarksUp offers talent management software for tracking various indicators (mobility, training, remuneration, etc.). quarksUp solutions also enable you to optimize training management: budget forecasts, training plans, etc. You can thus ensure precise, real-time monitoring of skills.

3 key points to remember:

  1. The GPEC process is mandatory for companies with more than 300 employees;
  2. It enables us to respond to economic and technological change;
  3. GPEC software is available for optimum monitoring of in-house skills.

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