GTA meaning HR definition & KPIs

AWM is a process for tracking employee tasks and working hours. But what exactly does GTA mean in HR? How do you track your activity? quarksup gives you the tools!

3 key points to remember:

  • Keeping track of tasks and working hours is essential for good personnel management.
  • Activity monitoring provides information on project performance.
  • HRIS-compatible time tracking software is now available.

ATM with HR significance: precise activity monitoring

Time and activity management (TAM) is a crucial performance driver for any company. Keeping track of employees’ tasks and working hours is useful not only for personnel administration, but also for the company’s strategic management. How do you set up an effective ATM to track business activity? Should I use time tracking software? quarksUp helps you to understand what’s at stake in GTA.

Definition of time and activity management (HR TAM)

AWM is the process of tracking the hours spent on each task performed. It involves precise, accurate activity monitoring.

This is a reporting tool, giving a complete overview of the distribution of working hours. Activity monitoring can be :

  • By project ;
  • By department ;
  • Per customer.

To do this, you can set up an Excel task-tracking table. There are also digital ATM tools that are easier to use.

ATM in HR: understanding the objectives of activity monitoring.

The objectives of activity tracking management are manifold, and concern a wide range of company players.

For management control, for example, activity tracking enables you to see how much time is spent on each task, and to calculate profitability. It’s a valuable tool for controlling costs. Activity tracking charts are an excellent support for managers. In this way, they can pinpoint profitable projects and readjust resource allocation if necessary.

GTA is an indispensable tool for the human resources department. It keeps track of everyone’s working hours and complies with legal requirements. It is useful for calculating overtime and facilitates the work of payroll managers.

Last but not least, this activity tracking tool enables more accurate customer invoicing.

What business indicators should you track?

Many of you Google “GTA signification RH” and also “GTA RH indicateurs”. HR ATM is based on the monitoring of several key activity indicators. So, for optimum activity management, it’s important to keep a clear record of each employee’s working hours:

  • Arrival and departure times ;
  • Leave (CP, RTT, unpaid) ;
  • Diseases ;
  • Day and night working hours ;
  • Public holidays ;
  • Sundays worked.

This working time data may give rise to recovery time or overtime pay. This is valuable information for the HR and payroll departments.

To ensure strategic management, it is necessary to track the hours spent on each project, each customer, each activity. To measure the profitability of a project, for example, you need to track :

  • The number of hours spent on the project ;
  • Project sales ;
  • Project cost ;
  • The margin achieved on the project.

Thanks to this reporting tool, management knows how well each project is performing, and can make decisions more efficiently.

The benefits of using ATM software in HR

For effective time and activity management, you have two options:

  • Manual follow-up via Excel ;
  • Produce automated follow-up on HR management software.

Manual management requires the use of spreadsheets and validation documents by superiors. This cumbersome process wastes a lot of managers’ time.

There are many advantages to using time and activity tracking software:

  • It saves time: automated tracking is faster and less cumbersome from an administrative point of view.
  • The software helps reduce errors (omissions, data entry, etc.).
  • Payroll management is made easier (ATM software is often compatible with payroll software).
  • Companies gain in confidentiality, thanks to a tool that ensures data security.
  • This tool is easy to use. Users can connect via any medium (computer, tablet, smartphone) and from anywhere with an Internet connection.

These ATM software packages can be parameterized according to the French Labor Code, collective bargaining agreements and company-specific constraints. They are generally compatible with many HRIS systems.

Good to know! quarksUp offers absence and leave tracking software.

Thanks to this HR tool, everything can be done online. As HR manager, you can view schedules at a glance. What’s more, exchanges with payroll are automated.

The ATM process is essential for optimal company management. It serves as a basis for managers to make informed decisions about their company’s business.

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