Payroll digitization, an economic and CSR challenge

In the digital age, digitizing payroll is a major challenge for companies. Payroll management, often time-consuming and a source of errors, has been given new impetus. Electronic pay slips are now possible, and are even provided for under article L3243-2 of the French Labor Code.

Why digitize your payroll?

There are many challenges involved in digitizing payroll. First and foremost, this approach eases the sometimes cumbersome administrative process. Payroll managers gain in efficiency. Digital dematerialization tools enable better control of payroll data. The time saved is considerable, and errors are reduced. Employee relations are calmer as a result.

Payroll digitization is often part of a company’s general CSR policy.

Did you know that? Highly digitalized payroll management in companies

According to a study entitled “Transformation digitale des entreprises” by Deloitte, the most advanced HR process in terms of digitalization is payroll management. It has already been implemented by 63% of companies.

What are the advantages of digitizing payroll?

Once implemented, digitizing your payroll has many advantages:

  • An undeniable time-saver for HR departments;
  • Less loss of information, fewer errors;
  • Greater transparency and data security.

This digital process makes it possible to establish a cooperative relationship with the employee.

How do you digitize your payroll?

Implementing a digital payroll system requires support and communication. The choice of tool is also crucial. Efficiency comes first! quarksUp’s Hello Paie solution offers a digital tool for automated payroll preparation. All data is collected in real time: variable pay elements, remuneration, vacations, absences, etc.

The HR department gains in speed and quality.

3 key points to remember:

  1. Many companies have implemented a digital payroll system.
  2. This process is part of our CSR policy.
  3. It saves time and improves data reliability.

Good to know! quarksUp is an HRIS solution for managing the entire employee cycle.

Thanks to this HR tool, everything can be done online. As an HR manager, you’ll be in charge of all our employees’ digital activities. With its modular offer, quarksUp intervenes from recruitment to employee off-boarding.

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